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World Leadership Academy platform has been designed to provide a platform to the leaders working in different sectors for contributing and adding values to the life and the planet. Its basic objective is to bring the visionaries with exceptional thoughts and budding leaders to develop a positive ecosystem and power of togetherness which will bring the nascent pure thoughts, ideas, innovations into the knowledge of the people by providing them the platform to showcase their innovative ideas in School and University level.

World Leadership Academy Leadership Awards is to honor the determined effort and achievements of Change makers who have made their performance and innovative excellence in their respective field. It is a very special and unique set up, it involves International Excellence awards in various categories. WLA Leadership Awards award creates a world-wide recognition and reserves the own space in the Society for the winning profiles. As such it also provides participants with an ideal opportunity to make their work visible to a wider audience.

AWARD CATEGORY:I(Nominated by WLA Board of Governance)

1. World Pride Leader
2. World Power Leader
3. Distinguished Leadership
4. Saga Leadership Award
5. Social Change Maker Award
6. Women Iconic Award
7. Business Leader
8. Educational Leader
9. Sports Leader
10. Honorary Fellow
11. World Heartful Leader

AWARD CATEGORY:II(Self Nominated By Applicants and Followed By Evaluation Procedure As Mentioned Below)

1. Young Researcher Award
2. Excellent Researcher Award
3. Excellent Teacher Award
4. Excellent Administrator in Education Award
5. Emerging Leader in Research Award
6. Emerging Leadership in Teaching Award
7. Innovative Researcher Award
8. Innovative Teaching Award
9. Researcher of the Year Award
10. Women Researcher of the Year Award
11. Faculty of the year Award
12. Leadership in Agriculture award
13. Leadership in Social Development Award
14. Leadership in Construction Award
15. Leadership in Healthcare Award
16. Leadership in Business Award
17. Leadership in Innovation Award
18. Leadership in Technology Award
19. Leadership in Change Award
20. Social Entrepreneur of the Year


Nomination closed by 30th December, 2023
Each applicant would be required to fill in a Self-Nomination form and send it to us by 30th December, 2023
The nominees in each category will be presented to the final jury for determination of winners.
Information received will be treated confidential and will not be used for any purpose except for determining the winner of the awards.
Incomplete submission of nomination in any manner will disqualify an applicant from evaluation procedure for the awards.
Right to Take decisions regarding finalization of awards is reserved with WLA.
There is no registration fee for any Award.
Nominal fee for publicity is applicable(News paper,Social Media,TV,WLA Magazine,WLA website)

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