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Social Outreach

To establish a platform for the global leaders from diverse field to discuss on different issues with the principle of Intellectual Freedom and democracy in decision making process for establishment of value system. To establish a system free from dominant culture and will be open to respect views, ideas and experiences. To provide platform to encourage diversity in research, teaching and publication to all the researchers of all age groups starting from primary level to experienced researchers and scientists. To establish a system of learning and research to solve global issues and to create positive impact in the globe.

World leadership Academy conducts various social outreach programs under Vocal for Local Scheme for the promotion of small entrepreneur, local vendors , skill and non skill workers.

Maniabandha Khandua Saree:

Orissa's Cuttack district, Maniabandha village is well-known for its intricate weaving and Buddhist heritage. There are about 2,822 weavers in Maniabandha village, part of the Badamba handloom cluster, who are skilled in creating traditional tie-and-dye goods and sarees with Khandua design. The weavers manufacture about 100 sarees per day on their 891 looms, turning over about Rs 5 crore annually. A global market for the superb designs and texture of Maniabandha silk sarees now speaks loudly about the region's centuries-old textile heritage.

The cotton and silk varieties are the primary handloom materials used in the cluster's goods. The primary products of the cluster are sarees, lungis, dress materials, napkins, stoles, and dupattas, while the cotton varieties are created from 2/80s to 2/120s count yarn and the silk kinds are of 20/22 denier. Designers have recently been hired to meet the demands of a classic fusion of traditional and modern designs.

For the past two years, the World Leadership Academy has held a number of workshops and seminars to help brand and promote regional weavers. Our Vocal for Local programmes have generated a vast number of new employment opportunities for young peoples of Maniabandha.

Mania Bandh saree
Mania Bandh saree