For Peace, Justice and Sustainable Development

(Ideology:World is One)

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.the last is to say thank you.inbetween, the leader is a servant


The world Leadership Academy shall be established with the following broad objectives:

a. To provide a platform to the People, Academicians, Scientists, Social Scientists, Policy Makers, Political Leaders, Economists, Business/ Corporate Leaders/ Social Leaders, Members of Civil Society to come together to discuss on different prospective for creation of societal values.

b. To create a platform for the people to connect to different opportunities through education and training.

c. To provide a platform to discuss different leadership aspects ranging from society, politics, economics, business, corporate ,management, language, literature, art, culture, human development, technology, medicine and any other developmental sectors to create values.

d. To establish Academic and Research institutes for imparting education and training for promotion of education and research of global relevance.

e. To develop a platform for promotion and publication of research outcomes.

f. To do research on public policies of different countries / states; develop the mechanism for connecting the people to the development schemes of different nations / states together.

g. To communicate the Public Policy Research outcomes to the respective national or provincial government for consideration.

h. To organize periodical conventions to bring the people from different strata of the society to discuss on a particular issue for devising solution for eradication of poverty.

i. To take up various projects funded by different national and international agencies for devising a solution/ model for different societal issues like environment, economy, health, energy, military, gender inequalities, human trafficking, poverty, illiteracy, deprivation or any other issues of the globe or nation.

j. To tie up with different national and international bodies, national/ provincial governments, institutions of different countries for raising finance and work in collaboration with them to use the network of such institutions for accomplishment of its objectives.

k. To raise funds through donations, consultancies, projects, membership fees and registration fees for different events etc.

l. To publish books, journals, study reports, News Papers and magazines etc. online and offline.

m. To extend policy support to the Government and non-government Organizations, educational institutions, industries, business and entrepreneurs as and when necessary.

n. To undertake any other acts, matters and things in furtherance of the cause of the Society and appoint committees / sub- committees as may be deemed necessary from time to time.

o. To take up any other matter or diversify its activities as decided by the board from time to time.

p. To enter into MOUs /agreements / negotiate / with any national / international institutions / individuals for benefit of the organization.

Mission Vision Governing Body