For Peace, Justice and Sustainable Development

(Ideology:World is One)

Women Influencers of Odisha

AUTHOR : Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini

ISBN : 978-93-94318-02-1

Edition :

Pages : 145

Price : ₹399/-



Women’s movement in Odisha has mainstreamed, largely through India’s freedom struggle, with some of the women freedom fighters of the State, serving as foot soldiers of Gandhiji in the movement. Post independent India, witnessed several women leaders occupying centre stage in the process of social transformation of Odisha, struggling against social taboos, structural and gender inequality. This book provides a narrative, profiling the story of 80 such women icons of Odisha who made significant contribution in diverse fields as politics, bureaucracy, education, science and technology, economy, sports, art and culture, in the pre independence, post independence period and contemporary era. Some of them are unsung sheroes with no mentionable background or literary prowess but were leaders in their own right who helped
shape the destiny of modern Odisha and inspired their future generations.