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WLA coverage years: from 2022 to Present
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2673-4834   E-ISSN: 2673-4834
Subject Area:The journal focuses on all aspects of the Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, biosphere, and anthroposphere.
Source Type: Journal
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Building Performance Simulations and Architects against Climate Change and Energy Resource Scarcity Show Abstract Maria-Mar Fernandez-Antolin, José Manuel del Río, Roberto Alonso González-Lezcano, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Does Climate Change Affect the Yield of the Top Three Cereals and Food Security in the World? Show Abstract Dhurba Neupane, Pramila Adhikari, Dwarika Bhattarai, Birendra Rana, Zeeshan Ahmed, Umanath Sharma, Debraj Adhikari, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Reusing Grey Water to Lower Temperatures in the Mediterranean Basin Cities Show Abstract Giuseppe Maggiotto, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Assessment of Differential Forest Growth Following Disturbance in Minnesota, USA Show Abstract David C. Wilson, Ram K. Deo, Jennifer Corcoran, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Conservation Planning for Wildlife Managers Show Abstract Jennifer L. Wilkening, Dawn Robin Magness, Anita Harrington, Kurt Johnson, Scott Covington, Jennie Ruth Hoffman, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Monitoring and Evaluation: The Foundation for Lake and Reservoir Management Show Abstract Jeffrey A. Thornton, William R. Harding, Thomas M. Slawski, Hebin Lin, 0 Download Full Paper 0