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Journal of Power and Energy Engineering

WLA coverage years: from 2022 to Present
Publisher: Scientific Research
ISSN: 2327-588X   E-ISSN: 2327-5901
Subject Area:promote, share, and discuss various new issues
Source Type: Journal
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Paper Title Author Year Download Cited
Energy Saving Model and Calculation Example of Three Cooling Schemes for Data Center in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Area Show Abstract Feihu Chen, Shuguang Liao, Xinli Zhou, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Mechanical Integrity and Failure Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules under Simulated Snow Loads Using Pneumatic Airbag Setup Show Abstract Nouman 1,2 , 2, 3* Ali Shah, Rizwan M. Gul, Zafar Hayat Khan, 0 Download Full Paper 0
Energetic Study on Jordanian Olive Cake and Woody Biomass Materials Show Abstract Yahya H. Khraisha, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
An Analysis of Influencers of Energy Security for SMEs in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana Show Abstract Jones Lewis Arthur, George Locher, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Performance Evaluation of a Micro-Steam Turbine Powered Electric Generator under Changeable Bed and Drive Mechanisms Show Abstract Rasheed Aina, Buliaminu Kareem, Adegoke Ayodeji, Rasheed Shittu, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Optimal Control of Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermometric Generator System Using GEPSO Show Abstract Maryam Ejaz, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Wireless Energy Harvesting Using Rectenna Integrated with Voltage Multiplier Circuit at 2.4 GHz Operating Frequency Show Abstract Waqas Ali, Hafiz Subbyal, Liguo Sun, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Emitter Quality Optimization Using Lightly Doped Phosphorus Diffusion and Thermal Oxide Anneal for Cell Efficiency Improvement in Multi-Crystalline Black Silicon Solar Cells Show Abstract Kishan Shetty, Yudhbir Kaushal, Nagesh Chikkaiah, Chandra Mauli Kumar, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Analysis of Wind Speed Data and Wind Energy Potential for Seven Selected Locations in KSA Show Abstract Saeed A. AlGhamdi, Ahmed M. Abdel-Latif, Ossama S. Abd El-Kawi, Ossama B. Abouelatta, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Improving the Energy Performance of a High-Pressure Hydraulic Turbine by Researching the Flow in the Flow Part Show Abstract Konstantin Mironov, Yuliia Oleksenko, Aminjon Gulakhmadov, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Application of Renewable Energy Options—The Role of Solar Adsorption Cooling Technology Show Abstract Muhammad S. Abdulkadir, Dangana M. Kulla, Muhammad U. Kaisan, Talib O. Ahmadu, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Micro-Grid Planning with Aggregator’s Role in the Renewable Inclusive Prosumer Market Show Abstract Saurav Sharma, Suresh Khator, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Thermal Behavior of Clay-Based Building Materials: A Numerical Study Using Microstructural Modeling Show Abstract Ahmed Lkouen, Ahmed Meskini, Mohamed Lamrani, Abdelhamid Khabbazi, 2022 Download Full Paper 0
Toward Adaptation of Briquettes Making Technology for Green Energy and Youth Employment in Tanzania: A Review Show Abstract Yusto Mugisha Yustas, Werenfrid Michael Tarimo, Susan Andrew Mbacho, Denis Olgen Kiobia, Nelson Richard Makange, Avitus Titus Kashaija, Erasto Benedict Mukama, Charles Kajanja Mzigo, Festo Richard Silungwe, 2022 Download Full Paper 0